Appreciation for our Equine Team Mates

Appreciation for our Equine Team Mates

It’s been said polo ponies are 85% of a player’s game and some of the finest athletes of all equestrian disciplines. Horses that excel in polo possess both a quiet disposition and remain calm during contact and rapid play changes near other horses and players -- yet have the heart to give you their all at speed, turns and stops in pursuit of the man, line or ball.


As our 2016 season ends and many polo ponies get to enjoy a vacation in green pastures for grazing and just to be horses, it seems fitting to say thank you!


NWA Club manager and pro Bobby Koehler also serves as horse manager and is the closet to the equine athletes, caring for them directly every day even in the off season. Every horse is treated as an individual based on its unique personality, age, breeding and level of training. Some of the horses are “school ponies” who have played hundreds of chukkers (what we call periods/innings in polo) and have become trusted teachers for novice players intrigued by the sport.


Wish all the polo ponies had facebook so we could tag them properly. Here’s to your loyalty and patience as well as your strength and beauty. You make the sport of polo for the players and fans. Thank you, Rosie, Rocky, Mader, Opie, Callie, Foxy, Beebe, Cheyenne, Bruja, 228, 280, 250, 303, 300 and 304, Penny, Frosty, Brownie and Woody for a great 2016 season.


I came across this video and poem by while watching the RIDE network and a documentary on the history of the horse. While it does not showcase polo specifically, the author does a great job describing the bond between horse and rider. Enjoy.


The Horse by Ronald Duncan - read by Barry Corbin from F2 on Vimeo.


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