Polo Players and Fans Follow The Sun

Polo Players and Fans Follow The Sun

Winter has officially arrived for many of us but the 2017 polo season is just now days away in the Desert at El Dorado and in South Florida from Grand Champions Polo to Palm City Polo to the International Polo Club Palm Beach.

While much of polo in the U.S. is played at small clubs like NWAPC, whether you are a player, fan or just curious about the sport, it is worth a trip to a dedicated destination venue accommodating thousands of horses and hundreds of players for a season. Both Palm Springs and Palm Beach showcase other horse sports too such as show jumping.

Many clubs offer polo schools with dedicated horses fit for beginners so if spectating is not enough excitement and you want an experience based vacation, try a lesson or two at these types of facilities. Hopefully you’ll be hooked and then can play locally when you return home. Check out my favorite clip of Conan O’Brien learning polo with pro Nacho Figueras who also models for Ralph Lauren. http://teamcoco.com/video/conan-learns-polo

When I talk with people about polo inevitably I get questions about what to wear.  Jeans are fine for traditional tailgates and barn parties. During more formal charity events, league matches or tournaments, some facilities with restaurants or VIP areas will appreciate guests dressing in something other than jeans. Ladies, wedges or flats work better than high heels, especially if you want to take part in the half-time divot stomp on the field.

Hope you’ll consider adding polo to your next vacation adventure. For a list of clubs across the U.S. try the United States Polo Association www.uspolo.org and post a photo or two of your trip on our facebook page.

Posted in News By Susan Koehler